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CJB_8082Kristy Celoni is the founder of Your Naturopathic Health, a mother of two and has been in practice since 2004. Kristy worked as senior naturopath at an Allergy clinic in Bondi Junction before starting her own business in 2007. She has worked in Mexico, Singapore, Bangkok and is now based in Grays Point, Sydney. She specialises in digestive health for adults and children.

“It has always been a natural reaction for me to want to help and heal. After being in the health industry for years I decided to turn my passion into a career and have been practicing as a naturopath since 2004.

In my clinic I focus on treating digestive complaints because digestion plays a huge role in your overall health. Problems with your digestion can occur in obvious ways such as pain, discomfort, constipation, diarrhoea or bloating. Compromised digestion can also cause problems with behaviour, inflammation, allergies and energy production. Naturopathic consultations provide an in-depth evaluation and natural solutions addressing the cause of your symptoms. The main aim is to achieve long term results so that your can live your life pain free and full of energy.
I’m particularly passionate about children’s health. It is vital to give our children the best head start we can by providing them with the right nutrition for their growing bodies and energy for their super busy lives. This head start can be through healthy life style choices, whole foods, nutrition and herbal medicine. Digestive, immune and emotional health can all be positively influenced by the right diet. Busy lives, demanding children and junk food at our finger tips, its easy to make quick and not so healthy food choices. I enjoy teaching clients how to incorporate healthier whole food choices into their daily routine, choices that can be incorporated by the whole family.
It’s our responsibility to feed and nourish our children and it’s my goal to make it easy for parents to make the right food choices for their children”


Photograph of Kristy by Cameron Bell

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