Why are there always beautiful people in ads mum?

Question from my 7 year old daughter while watching TV – “Mum why do they always use super beautiful people in ads – doesn’t it make normal people feel sad?”
Nothing against the genetically blessed (overlay that these beautiful people have already been unnecessarily photoshopped) but when my daughter asks questions like this it goes straight to my heart.
Im glad that she still knows that this isn’t realistic for everyone.
I hope that she maintains the strength not to try to be this unrealistic image of perfection and avoids the sadness that comes with not feeling perfect enough.
She is enough.
She always will be.
So am I
and so are YOU.
This is a much needed doco. Beautiful! Love Body Image Movement. x

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Worry less

I have to admit I worry about my kids more than I should. Worry quickly turned to amazement when miss 7 and mr 5 picked up riding so quickly. They did fall, they did get hurt but they got back up again and were more cautious afterwards. It made me realise how much I try to protect them ( of course I don’t want them to get seriously hurt but they also need to learn for themselves) and how it’s ok to let them go and trust them at times when I try to hold them back. 💕
#worrylesslivemore #farmlife #mylovesmotorbike-1

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Article for Pete – why I do what I do

Screen Shot 2014-11-03 at 2.57.23 pm
We are filming at another school this week for our “Healthy Everyday, School Lunch Project” so I thought todays post was very timely.
Today we are joined by naturopath Kristy Celoni who is using Food as Medicine in her practice and is passionate about childrens health! I love her line “Food should be fuel for their little bodies and every bite counts”.
Over to you Kristy and thank you so much for sharing…..
Hi Pete,
You have featured some amazing practitioners on your page!
Its hard to know where to start…I guess from the beginning is a good place.
My name is Kristy Celoni and Ive been a clinical Naturopath for the past 10 years. Ive always been interested in natural health and whole foods. Growing up I was one of the few kids that didn’t want take away and never looked forward to a friends McDonalds birthday party. I didn’t like the way the food would make me feel. Ive always been sensitive to headaches and IBS and I learnt from a young age that food had a huge influence on my health.
As I grew up I was always turning to books (before the internet era!) for natural remedies to treat my grandparents various ailments. I was shocked at the array of pharmaceutical drugs they were taking, some purely to combat the side effects of another medication in their cabinet. Surely there was another alternative!
I was so excited when Naturopathy was offered at university, I never thought I could combine all of these passions and create a career out of it. I have now been working as a naturopath for over 10 years and I couldn’t imagine doing anything else. Ive worked in Mexico, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand, constantly learning along the way. Over the years I have learnt so many things as a mother, as a person and as a practitioner that make me who I am today. Now that my feet are firmly on Australian soil, I am able to combine my love of healing, health and whole food cooking by working in my clinic in southern Sydney.
In my clinic I specialise in treating clients with digestive health issues (although digestive health is linked to so many other conditions – chronic fatigue, anxiety, depression, childhood behavioural disorders, immune). My whole program is based on the GAPS (Gut and Psychology Syndrome ) protocol. Once I discovered this diet, I felt as if it was the missing link in my treatment plans. It is not just an elimination diet but a protocol that includes whole foods that heal – bone broths, whole, unprocessed foods and foods containing natural probiotics. My aim is to achieve long term results, teaching clients how to take control of their health along the way. The program changes over time, allowing clients to gradually introduce certain foods and monitor their own reactions. This allows the client to be aware of what foods work and don’t work for them. This puts the power of good health back in their hands. Everyone has the ability to positively influence their health and I enjoy guiding people through that process. For those clients too tried to even face starting something new, as part of an introductory package I offer, I will cook up the first weeks worth of food in their own homes. This gives them a bit of a kick start and also teaches them how to prepare these types of meals in their own home.
I am also passionate about children’s health. The first few years of my children’s life was spent in Asia. They grew up drinking coconuts (before they were cool :-)), having fresh vegetables with every meal and many meals were made from home made stocks or broths. I was really shocked moving home to see the quantity of process foods on our shelves and particularly bothered by the food sold in school canteens. What concerned me the most was that the people worked in the canteens genuinely thought that they were doing the right thing. They were following the government guidelines after all. These big posters that show chocolate milk, blue slushies, processed nuggets and packet noodles are approved ‘foods’ for kids. These ‘foods’ meet guideline standards due to their reduced portion size, meaning that their fat and sugar content fit below the DAILY allowance (only just). What about the chemical content in the food, the fact that it highly processed, or its lack of nutritional value? School is a place of learning, shouldn’t that learning extend to the responsibility of making healthier food choices? What a great lesson to take into the outside world.
Food should be close to its natural source as possible. Processed food contains hidden sugars, fats and chemicals and very little nutrition (unless its been artificially added). Food should be fuel for their little bodies and every bite counts. We are living in a society that is overfed and under nourished, and this leads to a huge array of preventable health problems in childhood and later in life. Children should be eating whole foods, and encouraged to be involved in making healthy meals. I know families are busy and often time poor so I love creating recipes to share in order to demonstrate how easy it is to incorporate healthier food choices into their every day lives. Once people start to see how easy it is to prepare and the difference real food can make to their lives – there’s no going back
Keep up the good work Pete!
Warm regards,
Kristy Celoni
Your Naturopathic Health
Healing from the inside out.
BHSc Naturopathy
Dip RM
Certificate in Paediatric Nutrition
Certificate in Sports Nutrition
Certificate in Weight Loss Nutrition
Certificate in Natural Fertitly

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My Version of Pho


I have had lots of messages about the beef soup I posted the other night asking for a recipe. I generally cook this one by taste but here is a ROUGH recipe. I will measure it properly next time! I know that this isn’t a traditional Vietnamese Pho but the spices are similar so maybe I should just call it Garlic, Ginger and cinnamon beef broth…not sure if that sounds as appealing!
Here goes
Ingredients for broth
3 liters of water (filtered preferably)
1 kg of beef bones
6 pieces of osso bucco (yes Italian meat in an Asian broth ☺)
6 star anise
3 cinamon sticks or
2 onions cut into chunks
1 large cube of fresh ginger
4 large cloves of garlic
1 tbs apple cider vinegar
1 tbs sea salt
pepper to taste
Your choice of green veg
The rest of ingredients use to your taste 🙂
Fish sauce
Fermented vegetables
Place all ingredients for broth in large pot. Bring to boil and then simmer for at least 3 hours.
Cook vegetables separately.
Add an extra 2 cloves of grated garlic before turning off the heat and stir well.
Place stock, vegetables and meat from stock in bowl. Add a squeeze of lime juice, a dash of fish sauce.
I wait till it cools a little and then top with a tsp of fermented vegetables.
Enjoy! Perfect for this chilly weather!! Kid friendly and enough for left overs.

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Just take the first step


A friend of mine gave me the best advice the other day. I have had a break from social media, my recipes, my writing because I felt like with a busy clinic, 2 young children and a husband that is away most of the week, every week – I just wasn’t coping. I have 100 ideas and goals but just stopped as I felt that I wasn’t doing anything well. You see I only like to do things if I can do them 100%. Her advice – you just have to do it, even if its not 100%, other wise you wont do it at all.  
So true – its better to take the steps towards your goals, make a few mistakes on the way than not doing anything for fear of not doing it 100% correct. Maybe as a mum when you are trying to do it all you will always feel like you are not doing something right – and that’s ok.

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Plastic free July – are you in?

Plastic free July – are you in?
Have you ever looked at the amount of plastic waste you or your family produce in a day? Can you imagine where that ends up, how much of it will not decompose? What do you think you can do to change this? It’s time to get serious about it. Our environment is suffering, it has been for a while now. The more our population grows the more we have the responsibility to be conscious of the waste we are producing and what we can do to reduce it. Dont’ you want in the future to show your grand kids photos of our beautiful world, with our beautiful oceans and marine life and say this is an image of what it is...not what it was.